Faculty are our finest asset, underpinning Amity Bangalore’s reputation for research and teaching excellence, combining rigour with relevance. As the intellectual core of "the Business School", Amity Bangalore’s faculty represents entire India - bringing to the classroom multi-locational perspective. They represent a rich blend of industry experienced, academically qualified and passionate. Student counselling and mentoring are their core strength. They are from various backgrounds – marketing, finance, operations, information technology, international business, strategy, human resource management - preparing students to face the corporate world. Maintaining close rapport with industry helps all the three stakeholders – students, faculty, and the corporates. Truly they are our finest asset!

Dr. Lathangi R

Director & Campus Head

Prof. S Kartikeyan

Associate Professor - Information technology, Marketing,Human resource management (23 years of Teaching Experience )

Prof. Jayanta Palit

Assistant Professor-Finance , Mathematics and Statistics (13 Years of Teaching Experience)

Prof. Rajani Pillai

Assistant Professor - Marketing (10 Years of Teaching Experience)

Mr. Vipin C Nair

Assistant Professor-Finance & Operations (16 Years of Industry & Teaching Experience)

Dr. V Vijaya

Assistant Professor-Finance and Accounting (21 Years of Industry & Teaching Experience)

Prof. Janipella Shanti

Assistant Professor- Marketing (13 Years of Teaching Experience)

Prof. Preeti Garg

Assistant Professor- Finance (15 Years of Teaching Experience)

Dr. Mamta Hegde

Assistant Professor- Marketing,General Management (19 Years of Teaching Experience)

Prof. Aditi Banerjee

Assistant Professor- German Language, Business Communication &Communication Skills (9 Years of Teaching Experience)

Prof. Preetha Suresh

Assistant Professor - HR (20 Years of Teaching Experience)

Ms. Sunitha B S

Academic Coordinator

Mr.Narayanaswamy A.V

Senior Librarian

Prof R.N. Kutty

Professor (50 years of Experience)

Dr. Lathangi R

Asst Dean -HR, OB, Soft Skills & Coaching (20 Years of Teaching Experience )